My fondest memories of childhood, and those most intensively involving my senses are the afternoons spent fiddling with my tiny treasures on my grandma’s dressing table. I can still recall the unforgettable scent of the vials of rose oil turning up from the drawer along with flower waters, a variety of lotions, waxes, ointments, powders and brushes; I remember the minutes sitting before the mirror as grandma combed my hair with ceremonial movements preparing for our daily visit to my paternal grandaunt. Wearing a nicely combed braid, leaning back in the easy chair of our multilingual aunt I often heard stories of my ancestors several of whom had been occasional visitors to the imperial court at the time of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.

Like everyone else, they must have been captivated by Sisi’s legendary beauty which served everyone as a model to follow in that time. Although my ancestral aunts’ stories and their rememberance did not end up making me into a dame, they definitely taught me that being always righteous is an important thing in life.

Apart from the vials, I inherited numerous useful beauty practices from them that I began to appreciate lately. With years passing by, same as for all women, I had to realise that time is on the side of cosmetics. So, after almost three decades of my first impressions, I started developing the concepts of my own beauty set.

I set many requirements selecting the ideal ingredients for face, body and also baby care products. Trying to materialise my concept I derived inspiration from the beauty recepies preserved in the legacy of Empress Sisi by the court’s magisters. With a team of experts we took these miniature miracles and dressed them up in new attire responding to the taste and expectations of the contemporary world. We alloyed the classic, natural vegetal base materials frequently used in Sisi’s age with Hungary’s world famous thermal water, and with the achievements of state-of-the art dermatological research.
I have increasingly strong confidence in the former.

Please welcome the cosmetics of the Sisi Budapest product line.

Boglárka Halasy
Creative cosmetics designer,